3 Tips For Proactive VMware Users

May 22, 2016 | Ken Leoni

Manufacturing organizations are increasingly making the move to the cloud in order to take advantage of the cost savings and increased efficiency that the cloud provides in comparison with the traditional method of storing data on a dedicated server.  One way organizations are implementing cloud technologies is by utilizing VMware. When using VMware, it is incredibly important to have a VMware monitoring solution in place to ensure that all virtualized applications are operating smoothly and efficiently.  A reactive approach to monitoring can result in downtime of crucial applications that are running in the cloud, whereas a proactive approach to VMware monitoring identifies problems before they become a major issue. In the manufacturing industry there are many moving pieces and data is critical in order to determine how to continue to improve upon product offerings and ROI.  If any data becomes unavailable for any reason, it can hinder the manufacturing process which in turn impacts the organization’s bottom line.

Here are 3 ways that VMware users in the manufacturing industry can be proactive with their monitoring:

Automate VMware processes

Labor hours, of any kind, are carefully monitored in the manufacturing industry.  This includes the labor hours of the IT staff that are dedicated to keeping important data available at all times.  Even though VMware is used by most organizations to scale back certain responsibilities of the IT staff, the virtualization platform does present a new set of challenges that the IT staff need to be aware of.  By not automating the VMware process, labor hours are spent dealing with things such as software updates and configurations.   Automating the VMware processes frees up the time and resources of the IT staff which allows them to focus on other areas of the data center and IT infrastructure.

Define management processes inside VMware

Defining management processes within VMware streamlines the IT processes as it limits the consolidation privileges of multiple members of the IT team. Instead of having multiple users trying to consolidate physical machines, the management processes in VMware maintain a level of control over which machines become virtualized. Management processes also limit privileges so that different users can't go in and change how the virtual machines are being managed.

Set corrective actions when issues inside the hypervisor stand out

The hypervisor is essentially what keeps the entire virtual machine running.  Any issues that occur inside the hypervisor will affect the entire VMware architecture.  If an error occurs in the hypervisor, important applications can be affected which in turn puts the manufacturing business process at a standstill.  A VMware monitoring solution allows you to set corrective actions when an issue occurs.  This eliminates the time that would have been needed to determine what the issue was and then decide what action should be taken to fix it.

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