Update: Trending Application Performance Management For IT

January 11, 2013 | Susan Bilder

Information Technology will continually grow and change, keeping up with the latest and greatest trends. These trends are not limited to the type of software which is being utilized, the newest operation system or the smallest physical machine. These trends can come from the economy, how organizations structure themselves or simply what is being discussed on media platforms that day.

A common trend we are finding today, especially within information technology (IT) departments comes from the necessity to increase productivity and efficiency. Some organization are doing this enacting the latest and greatest (trends) in technology. By doing this however, the managers, system administrators, day to day IT pros are now needing to justify these expenses. How does one justify something that can free up resources such as labor hours? By enacting an out of the box solution, which keeps operational costs and capital costs low, managers have the ability to become proactive.

Proactive work inside an infrastructure is always the goal for IT professionals, when time is readily available. Keeping ahead of the trends, be it technologically speaking, economically speaking or just inside an organization all together is difficult. This is increased when dealing with IT trends, as there will always be the “latest and greatest” being put to market. Having the ability to therefore, measure business metrics and correlate them with modern technology is crucial.

When measuring these metrics and statistics, it will give the ability to the IT pros out there a chance to showcase their technologies and to pitch for new necessary software/hardware initiatives. By showing management the analyzed metrics from systems and applications being monitored, a case therefore, can be made.

By increasing the need to see an ROI on APM solutions, organizations are increasing their effectiveness. If all of the important data can be collected, aggregated and analyzed regardless of location, a bottom line performance issue will readily be solved. A demand for current APM to do just this, creating a necessity inside those professionals dealing with the solutions day in an day out. Want to learn more about which direction the application performance management (APM) solution space is headed in 2013? Check out or email us at .



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