Update: Monitoring network traffic in VMware

February 15, 2013 | Susan Bilder

The monitoring and upkeep of an information technology (IT) department’s network is no easy task. Being able to report on the network traffic for an organization can mean the difference between highlighting an issue, before it happens, in order to save business continuity.

If the ability to highlight an issue before someone comes into the IT pro’s office is lacking, a serious reactive state will ensue. This means that the employee(s) tasked with IT work will be troubleshooting, reacting to people coming in and asking “why is this so slow…” etc. 

The continual upkeep of a network is only complicated further when talking about virtualizing it. In fact, an article recently published on TechTarget highlighted the importance of monitoring the traffic inside a VMware environment, explaining the difficulties associated with a virtualized network.

VMware Network


Ensuring that there is a stable, operational connection between all points in a network is imperative for businesses around the globe. Looking at SNMP-enabled devices, being alerted on the response time and availability of these devices is therefore, crucial. What does the virtualization of a network mean for the IT Pro?

They must complete the same tasks (list below), but in an initially more complex environment:

  • Identify bandwidth hogs
  • Distinguish between business and personal use of resources
  • Detect potential network threats
  • Avert unnecessary network capacity upgrade

“Administrators will need to work a bit harder to monitor network traffic that is sent on the physical network outside of the vSphere host.”* This is where opinions differ. Here at Heroix, we believe that the monitoring of network traffic shouldn't require additional resources. The IT pro’s time is valuable, muddling it up with troubleshooting in order to try and monitoring their network isn't in the best interest of increasing productivity for an organization.

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