Update: How To Demonstrate A Return On Investment For IT In 2013

January 09, 2013 | Ken Leoni

2013 promises to be an exciting year for those involved with Information Technology (IT). Organizations across the industry are expressing their predictions and expectations, we here at Heroix wish to continue that trend by laying out our expectations for the new year. Recently Service Assurance Daily published the article 5 Predictions for IT Management in 2013 , which lays out the 5 major expectations for 2013 IT professionals.

From these expectations, a few statements jumped out at us here at Heroix. The article stated: “For IT, demonstrating [return on investment] ROI around Big Data projects will be critical to success, which will help increase IT’s leadership on innovation.” How then, does an information technology professional involved with the inner workings of an IT infrastructure demonstrate a ROI? Traditionally the IT pro would show a graphical readout of information compiled from charts, spreadsheets and other resources that the head manager may or may not understand. If they do not understand that information, they may become confused as to what exactly is going on inside the infrastructure, which can slow down the working process between management and the employees. Therefore, allowing the free-flowing communication from management down is imperative for Information Technology. In order to report on and demonstrate and ROI, simplicity is critical.

Another aspect of information technology which the article focused on was the ability to become scalable. While having the ability to increase in size, monitoring application performance for the massive enterprise is critical for business success, it does not mean these organizations will be personable. An organization which can scale up AND down is important when developing a lasting relationship between an IT monitoring vendor and its syndicate consumer.

IT revolves around innovation and creation. Without a return on investment (ROI) to show management though, there may not be additional purchases for hardware or software which is required for the job. How then, does one show a ROI quickly, easily and in the simplest form possible to all parties in an organization? Implementing  a solution which does not require multiple certifications, extensive educational backgrounds or even intensive training.

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