Update: Creativity Inside Information Technology Drives Results

February 04, 2013 | Ken Leoni

Having the ability to think creatively can be a great attribute for those inside smaller organizations. Small businesses that can allocate their resources, especially when dealing inside the Information Technology (IT) department, means that they will be able to optimize financial constraints and accelerate business.  More and more reports are stating how IT professionals, such as system administrators, have increasing responsibilities and not a large enough budget. What does this mean for those who are tasked with increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization, while utilizing the resources available? Creative thinking.

IDC released an article on how small businesses can optimize their IT efforts. This article went into detail on how there are now different drivers for IT optimization called “the new SMB thinking.”* This “new thinking” method houses two important pieces:

  • Do the research. Encouraging IT departments to be cautious when spending their budgets; IT departments have to do a lot of research before a new solution is implemented, especially in 2013 when new technology is coming out almost daily.
  • Innovate and create. New practices, new development and new technology can lead to great business success. It also allows those inside the technology world to feel gratified, keeping employees happy and consequently customers as well. IDC says this can happy, in part, when a single supplier is utilized for certain aspects of IT. Say for example, an organization utilizes one specific vendor for IT monitoring and an APM solution.  By utilizing one organization which can take care of a department’s monitoring needs, they IT pros will be able to do the creative, innovative work they want to.

By consolidating certain aspects of IT, a sharpened focus can be allocated to the more creative side of the job. This will also reduce costs for management, potentially changing the way purchases are made to multiple vendors into one vendor. This may also allow an organization to reduce complexities of business operations in general, reducing the amount of pure data being thrown around to the existing organizations.

When organizations effectively invest in the most appropriate IT resources, business productivity can be sure to follow. How then, does one find out about the best resources available to them? Continue reading here to find out or check out

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