Update: APM Continues To Be “A Daunting Responsibility*”

January 14, 2013 | Ken Leoni

Continually ensuring the optimal response time, availability and performance of mission critical applications, systems (both virtualized and physical) and networks is no easy task. In fact, a recent article published on Network World stated that keeping an enterprise network successfully running is nothing short of “a daunting responsibility.” Can an information technology (IT) professional who is charged with application performance monitoring (APM) therefore, expect significant relief in 2013? The analysts at Network World say “no,” but we here are Heroix have a different view.

While ensuring that organizations are continually utilizing all of their IT resources, one hundred percent of the time is incredibly difficult, it is not impossible. Agentless IT monitoring, which in recent years has been growing in popularity due to its potential savings of money and time (compared with agent-based products), has allowed for extensive application coverage. By utilizing a solution which keeps costs low but at the same time provides robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, the IT pros that need to monitor their critical applications, networks, servers, etc. will be able to so quickly and easily. This will therefore, allow them to spend more time on innovative creation and development work.


Developing applications that increase productivity, efficiency and business operations for an organization are why many find themselves in the IT world. One aspect of IT in particular, virtualized applications such as VMware, have created a trend which requires more attention. By virtualizing things such as servers, a great reduction in the total cost of ownership can be had, if properly implemented and monitored. In a virtualized environment, monitoring software must look at virtual resource utilization and service levels, as well as physical resource utilization, in order to gauge application performance. Without the one-to-one correspondence between an operating system instance and a physical server, a single server could host several operating system instances (VMs), each running its own OS and application workload; furthermore, VMs may be migrated among hosts in order to maintain optimal load balancing among the available resources.

How then, can one utilize an agentless application that makes continuous monitoring less daunting and effectively monitors and reports on VMware? Continue reading to find out, or check out for the answer…


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