Update: 52 Percent Of IT Issues Are Resolved Over The Phone

February 22, 2013 | Susan Bilder

A recent article published on the APMDigest explained how a vast majority of information technology (IT) pros see a window for improvement with their current application performance monitoring (APM) solution(s). The majority of the issues that were raised stem from one underlying theme, most issues are resolved reactively and over the phone. This means that those professionals who are tasked with issue resolution must incorporate the conference call day in and day out, slowing business productivity and operational efficiency. If this has become the “standard” for resolving issues within the IT department, what other options does one have?

The article went into great detail, explaining how and where the information technology (IT) department can utilize application performance monitoring (APM) solutions:

1) 52 percent of respondents reported that the standard process for fixing outages is a bridge call - which in large organizations can involve more than 50 individuals. How then would an APM solution help solve this? By enabling a solution which can automatically alert and set corrective actions, less time would be needed on the phone and more time could be spent doing other, creative and innovative, work.

2) Companies that used smaller teams for problem solving reported a greater success rate, with 29 percent able to solve outages quickly. What does this mean for organizations that are able to utilize an out-of-the-box solution? Quick, agile fixes can be applied in order to ensure business performance and organization efficiency.

3) 92 percent of respondents either have fragmented monitoring, using separate tools, or basic integrated monitoring, which does not correlate alerts to service level issues. The ability to reduce the silo effect inside of the IT department is imperative for organizational success. When an organization can compile all of their APM solutions under one roof, the need to continually check each system goes away. This means that there is only one location (monitor) to check all systems operations.

The survey went into detail where current APM solutions stand and can be found here: APMDigest. The main takeaways from the survey show how IT departments are looking for an increase in communication, a reduction in work silos and an increase in proactive work. Want to learn how Heroix can help resolve those issues? Read about Longitude or ask us a question or two at

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