Improve Performance with Intelligent System Monitoring Automation

April 03, 2013 | Susan Bilder

It’s true that the expense of effective monitoring and management (particularly the cost of IT labor) typically represents much more than the initial cost to purchase hardware or software.  Unfortunately the cost of monitoring and management continues to increase.

Applications and systems are being deployed in locations that are distant from each other and it’s difficult to afford to staff each and every site with appropriately skilled IT professionals.  Due to the popularity of Unix, Linux, and Windows servers, IT departments are now responsible for multiple platforms yet cost prohibits these platforms from being staffed around the clock with experts that are required to support the platforms.  Companies of every size and in every industry are depending on more applications, more systems, and more IT infrastructure than at any time in the past and these applications and systems are critical to running the business and keeping productivity high.

Yet, companies are under tremendous economic pressure to drive costs down and the IT budget is often a target for expense reduction.  There is an increasing need to apply automation so that applications, systems, and IT infrastructure can be monitored and managed effectively and economically.

Intelligent system performance monitoring automation can improve performance by allowing the organization to avoid many of the following drawbacks:

Reactive resolution

Without intelligent automation issues are only detected once they affect users or applications.  Intelligent automation provides a proactive resolution.  If an issue is identified early on it is much simpler to address than a problem that is left to escalate until it causes serious trouble.

Event overload

If a management tool does not filter events automatically or prioritize them it could result in distracting false alarms since a normal day’s activity may trigger hundreds or thousands of minor events that are not meaningful in and of themselves.

Loss of time

Without an intelligent automation solution, too many hours can be used analyzing events to reveal meaningful patterns and to find the root cause of the problem.

Productivity drains

If there is no automation support, the IT staff must be on guard continuously so that they don’t miss any rapidly escalating issues.  Because much of the day there are no monitoring events that require immediate action, this drains productivity.

Eliminating these issues with intelligent system monitoring automation can improve performance and have a positive impact on the ROI of the organization.  Resources can be allocated and network issues can be detected in a timely manner, which save an organization money over time making the cost of the monitoring and management solution worthwhile.

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