3 Reasons Storage Consolidation Is Becoming More Important to IT

September 26, 2012 | Heroix Staff

Here at IT Infrastructure we have been focusing on the benefit analysis of implementing an application management solution (APM) for Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. The benefit of getting insight analytics, leading to effective and efficient problem solving in order to correct and sometimes prevent IT related issues such as downtime and VMware sprawl are immeasurably important. Today, we address the issue of Storage Consolidation for IT.


Virtualization continues to gain traction within the IT world as well, due to added benefits of reducing power usage, increasing space utilization and increasing the speed at which knowledge can be circulated.  A recent article released by Oracle however stated that the storage area network (SAN) needs just as broad an attention span as the integral parts that make up the effective IT department. The article highlighted 3 main reasons IT departments are increasing exposure to SAN consolidation:

-The first reason was to increase disk storage*, by the way of virtualization. In today’s modern IT market, the resources available to store data from multiple applications in a “shared pool”* is much easier. It has become easier by ways of reducing total data center space, sometimes enacting the cloud.

-Reducing costs* is the obvious answer. As previously discussed the return on investment by consolidating an infrastructure is immense. Elimination of the daunting power costs (operating expenditures)*, physical maintenance and labor hours (capital expenditures)* required to maintain an overwhelmingly large infrastructure comes with consolidation.

-Oracle went on to say that server virtualization leads infrastructure virtualization. Those two go hand in hand, if an IT professional is virtualization one aspect of their data center, they will soon realize the benefits of virtualization and apply it for the rest of the department. Although virtualization may not be for everyone at this point, either due to resource constraints, special application requirements, blissfully unaware, etc., there are those who have utilized virtualization and are reaping the benefits.

As we have discussed previously, the goals of management need to match up with the goals of the IT department. Communication channels need to appropriately and effectively convey the mission statement of the organization, the goals of the new development and the requirements for the company. One these guidelines are established, the benefits of consolidation, virtualization and increased effectiveness of an IT department’s goals are sure to ensue.



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