SaaS vs. In-House Application Performance Monitoring

April 04, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Software as a service (SaaS) solutions have been in the information technology (IT) and business world for quite some time. SaaS providers such as and NetSuite have had a commanding play in the marketplace, as they package together many aspects related to IT business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, monitoring support and technical support become bundled into one package and analyzed by the provider. What does this mean for organizations who wish to utilize an application performance monitoring (APM) solution in conjunction with a SaaS solution? More research…

The SaaS platform is great for those who wish to sign up an organization to analyze, critique and possible explain the issues inside an IT infrastructure. What happens if an organization does not want its critical data analyzed but outside sources? The utilization of an in-house APM solution allows the IT department to keep the mission critical data in the hands of those who are working with it on a daily basis. Defining their own terms of service in availability and performance are what IT professionals do, especially when dealing with the assurance of optimal response time, availability & performance of mission critical applications, systems (virtualized/physical) & networks.

If the IT infrastructure is housed by a large organization, there will not only be a large amount of applications running at any given time but these applications will also be running across several departments and possibly locations. To ensure that all of the critical pieces of an infrastructure are being looked at, many organizations choose to bring in their own APM solutions. Why would an organization want to do this in-house?

Every organization is different; this includes the applications they utilize on a daily business. Although one manufacturing plant may use the same CRM solution as the business across the street, their settings, daily usage and system it is installed on will be completely different. Therefore, a new and isolated configuration will occur for each application.

There are endless functions for both the SaaS and in-house APM solution; both make sense for some businesses and not for others. However, one thing is clear. Organizations want a monitoring solution that will allow their business to increase productivity and efficiency. The discussions around SaaS solutions and in-house APM can go on and on. What we’d like to know is the thoughts of other IT Pros out there. Send us an email at or leave us a comment below.


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