Real Time Monitoring Provides Instant Application Performance Metrics

April 24, 2016 | Heroix Staff

The IT infrastructure is an extremely important component of a business.  A business needs to deliver a service in order to survive and thrive, and in many cases it relies on applications that are running on the network in order to deliver those services.  In the past, organizations would only deploy an APM solution for the “most important” applications but it has become evident that all applications need to be monitored and current solutions are being developed to meet this increasing need.  As the application environment continues to evolve and becomes a more dynamic component of an organization, users have come to expect that it will be “always-on”.   Therefore, these applications need to be monitored at all times as real-time monitoring is critical for business productivity.

Real-time monitoring of application performance allows IT teams to proactively address potential issues.  Early detection means that the IT staff can prevent a small problem from becoming a large disaster.  Trouble shooting is accelerated when the root cause of a problem is determined.  The actionable information provided by the real-time application performance monitoring solution allows the IT team to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand.

The network operation center (NOC) must have access to the proper data that will allow for fixes to be made when an error is detected.  Up to the minute APM data provides an accurate picture so that a potential issue can be pinpointed before it affects the application performance, and in turn before it affects the productivity and profitability of the organization.  As the root cause of the issue has been detected, it will take less time to repair the issue and for operations to be running as they should.

APM solutions need to continue to evolve due to the ever increasing application performance data need.  One of the most important criteria that is used to evaluate application performance monitoring software today is the greater focus on response time.  Application performance should be measured in end to end response time terms, especially for applications running in virtual or cloud environments.

Instant application performance metrics reflect on the service level that is being delivered to end users.  A service level agreement serves as an outline of the service that is going to be provided.  If the service isn’t operating properly, the provider isn’t making good on its promise which is why response time is such an important metric.  An APM solution should measure response time for applications that closely reflect what end users are actually seeing across all tiers of the application.

As APM solutions continue to become more advanced, they will move away from simply “monitoring” to actually beginning the automated problem resolution process.  Conditions can be set that will trigger a set of actions when the real-time APM solution detects an error.

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