Take a Proactive Approach to IT with Mobile Performance Monitoring Solutions

March 11, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Businesses of all types and sizes rely so heavily on technology that when something goes wrong it can wreak havoc on productivity.  If an IT Manager is wondering why email is so slow, directories (files) can’t be accessed, or the POS (point of sale) system is taking forever they need an immediate response and solution.  If a System Administrator (SA) is wondering why the website won’t load, why an office location can’t be contacted or why the network isn’t doing anything they need an immediate response and solution.

This approach to common issues within the IT world (problem occurs, someone who is reliant on the failed service confronts the IT department about the issue, IT professionals react to the situation and seek a solution) is flawed and unnecessary today.  Instead of reacting to an exchange server crash, a slow web server, a database bottle-neck, etc. an IT professional today can take a proactive approach to common IT issues using an application performance monitoring solution.  This will alert IT professionals when a problem MAY occur, as opposed to disrupting the flow of work when a problem has already occurred.  The unanticipated problem can now be anticipated and everyone inside an organization can rest easy knowing that an application performance monitoring solution is in place.

A user-friendly approach to monitoring an application or a service is via a mobile device.  According to IDC, there will be “more mobile usage than wired usage” for applications by 2015.  Application performance monitoring solutions today need to fit the needs of today’s end user and today’s end user has gone mobile.

When technology is purchased for employees on behalf of an organization, user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) for mobile applications are critical.  The applications need to be engaging and result in a solid, positive experience for the end user.  If the application doesn’t engage the user, it is essentially useless and goes to waste.  Mobile applications need to work in conjunction with a desktop and have a similar layout in order to determine the application performance.

The right mobile application performance monitoring solution for an organization will be easy to use so that IT professionals can quickly determine whether an issue may arise and take action to solve the problem before it even gets noticed by the end users of the system.  If the mobile solution includes unnecessary “extras” like images and animations it will result in confusion.  A mobile application performance monitoring solution should only include the proper animations, images, fonts, etc. that convey the message and the job that it is doing.  The application layout should be tailored to highlight the main purpose of the mobile application.  Plan ahead and use an application performance monitoring solution that does what it promises and eliminates the break-fix mentality.

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