4 Consequences of Not Monitoring Your IT Infrastructure

July 27, 2016 | Heroix Staff

Businesses of all types and sizes rely on their network to be working and accessible at all times.  After all, that’s where all of the important business data is stored and where all of the mission critical applications are running!  When an issue arises and any one component of the network is down it can have major consequences on business performance which is why it’s absolutely essential to invest in an IT infrastructure monitoring solution today.

Here are 4 consequences when an IT infrastructure isn’t monitored properly:

Increased downtime

A network monitoring solution will keep track of all network devices that keep a business up and running including switches, routers, hubs, and more. It sends messages to all components of the network and if there is no response or an error is detected it will create an alert automatically.  Without this kind of automatic solution you are left to wait until the problem is manually detected, which could take hours or even days to diagnose properly.  In addition, an IT infrastructure monitoring solution provides remote access to the server as opposed to the IT professional needing to travel to the site to diagnose the problem. This means that no matter where your IT team is they can access and address the issue immediately and get everything running smoothly again.

Problems needs to be found manually

An IT infrastructure monitoring solution can provide you with data about the network at any time and is always collecting information.  When a problem arises, without a monitoring solution you are left to find a highly experienced IT professional that can do some digging to find the root cause of the problem.  Many businesses don’t have this kind of IT professional in-house or quickly accessible. The longer it takes to find the problem and backtrack to the source the longer your business goes without critical IT functions.

Security threats

Network security systems need to be operating properly and at all times in order to do their job.  If the security system isn’t operating properly, without an IT infrastructure monitoring solution you wouldn’t know it until after security was breached and your network became the victim of a malware or spyware attack that was able to get through the security system.  Employees are humans and prone to make mistakes, so there is always the chance that they may click on an email or a link that is going to spread a virus to an unprotected network.

Excess IT costs

A good IT infrastructure monitoring solution isn’t free and has costs associated with it but the investment is well worth it.  It can cost a lot more money in the long run if you don’t have a network monitoring solution in place and are left with frequent network or application downtime which means that work isn’t getting done which in turn results in less profit!  With a IT infrastructure monitoring solution the issues are immediately detected and able to be resolved much more quickly meaning there are fewer man hours used and fewer fees that are associated with the whole process in the long run.

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