Longitude Gets a New Look

January 07, 2020 | Ken Leoni

We have created a new video that demonstrates Longitude V12.0 and its "from the ground up" redesigned, modern web interface.

The new Longitude V12.0 user interface is a major step forward for the product, making navigation far simpler and more efficient, while dramatically improving the product's usability and scalability.

This video showcases Longitude's core capabilities and simultaneously demonstrates how powerful IT monitoring and alerting are easily leveraged via its new modern, streamlined user interface.

Navigation had been dramatically simplified to 4 core functions.

  • Monitoring: Instruct Longitude to monitor your IT Infrastructure and Applications.

  • Events: Display problem events in real-time. Adjust event settings (i.e. set thresholds, notifications, and corrective actions).

  • Dashboards: Shows real-time performance and availability of your IT Infrastructure.

  • Reports: Show historical IT Infrastructure and Application performance. Display problem event history.

Longitude Overview (6:11)

The brilliance of the new user interface's simplicity is that it does not make any compromises on the power and flexibility it provides to fully manage IT environments, large and small.

Longitude V12.0 proves that IT Infrastructure and Application Monitoring need not come with a heavy, complicated user interface, steep learning curve and a big price tag!

Comprehensive IT Monitoring

Easy & Affordable: Try Longitude Today

Try our Live Longitude Demonstration.  Access our online demo environment, see how to set up IT monitoring, view dashboards, problem events, reports and alerts.

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