Longitude: Proactive, Productive and Priced Effectively

November 27, 2012 | Heroix Staff

When dealing in an Information Technology (IT) age, revolving around keeping applications running as efficiency as possible, one thing most often alluded to is the wish of becoming more proactive when discussing monitoring .By being actively engaged in discovering where an issue can arise, whether it be server, SNMP, Synthetic Web Transactions or any other area an application performance management (APM) solution can be enacted, the ability to plan for failure keeps one away from it.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. A common phrase heard around the world, applying to all sorts of industries these days. Today however, IT Infrastructure Info is focusing on how APM solutions can actively save the Information Technology (IT) department and associated departments money and more importantly time. With no agents to install and a wealth of packaged application performance monitoring and network performance monitoring solutions, Longitude lets you get started in minutes. Then use the Web-based interface and real-time Event Monitor to view how your environment is performing, receive proactive alerts, reveal root causes, automate corrective actions, tailor your monitoring, set up service level agreements (SLAs), and generate performance reports. Enterprises large and small value Longitude for its effectiveness, simplicity, and affordability.

3 P’s explained:


By becoming proactive in your monitoring solution, the IT Manager, System Administrator, System Engineer, etc. tasked with fixing issues instead of creating new solutions will see an increase in resources. Time will be spent creating content instead of fixing bottle-neck issues.


Reducing the time spent fixing problems allows those IT experts to create, develop and deploy the great technology solutions of their organization.

Priced Affordably:

Longitude has a host of robust solutions available for all those involved in monitoring. Extensive credentials aren’t a requirement, just the ability to install an agentless application on Windows 2008 R2 6GB of RAM and Dual CPU and watch the reporting start.

Application performance management is critical for all silos inside an organization. What we will be soon discussing on IT Infrastructure Info is how the silos are molding together, especially inside the small to medium sized business, highlighting how Monitoring Solutions can help.

The software, which provides easy-to-use capacity planning, along with VMware monitoring and reporting capabilities, is a powerful tool that aids VMware users in making better decisions about creating or retiring VMs, or redeploying them quickly to maintain high service levels.

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