Longitude Implements WebHooks

April 09, 2019 | Heroix Staff

What is a WebHook?

Longitude Implements WebHooksA WebHook is a HTTP request to a web service. WebHooks are used in situations where we want to communicate with a web service after an event occurs.

The concept is quite simple, when an event occurs a WebHook is sent to an HTTP endpoint.

The WebHook event data is stored as a JSON or XML object depending on the HTTP endpoint.

Longitude Webhook use cases:

  • Sending notification to Instant Messaging clients 

  • Sending problem events to incident management system


How does Longitude implement WebHooks?

Longitude can be readily configured to send Longitude Event Detail to web services.

Remember, Longitude is constantly collecting and analyzing availability and performance metrics. When Longitude detects problems it generates events and alerts that contain all kinds of relevant detail about the nature and severity of the issues. The implementation of WebHooks extends Longitude's reach by allowing it to communicate critical information to virtually any web service.

The Longitude WebHook action is straight forward and immediate.

  • The WebHook action performs an HTTP POST to a specified web service when Longitude detects a problem.

  • Because problem detail is immediately posted to the web service, there is no latency between detection and notification.


Longitude Slack Webhook

Longitude configured to send event to Slack on VMware resource depletion


The Longitude WebHook action allows users to receive real-time notifications of IT Infrastructure and Application Health problems. Users can also enrich event detail to include any additional information that they feel pertinent to the problem (i.e. instructions to mitigate an issue).

Longitude Event  - Slack on iPhone

Longitude Event displayed in Slack on a mobile device


How do I configure WebHooks in Longitude?

The WebHook action is one of many pre-configured action capabilities built into Longitude.

The key to making your WebHook action function is to properly create the HTTP endpoint URL. Here is an example of setting up an endpoint URL for Slack. 

Configuring the Longitude WebHook Action

Navigate to Actions and select the Event to trigger a WebHook

  1. Recipient: Select appropriate WebHook template.

  2. URL: The HTTP endpoint that will receive the WebHook from Longitude. 

  3. Text to Post: The JSON or XML object with Longitude data and any other user enriched data to be sent to the web service.


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