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February 08, 2013 | Heroix Staff

“We started getting so many alerts we couldn't tell what to pay attention to.” A common outcry Information Technology (IT) professionals admit to us here at Heroix.  Unfortunately, any IT monitoring effort can come with a snag – factory settings that are too high, too low, or just not applicable to your workload. Whether you are utilizing commercial software or working with an open source or home grown monitoring solution, over-notification can actually make you less productive and allow real, sometimes serious, problems to fall through the cracks.

Automated performance monitoring holds great potential for any information technology (IT) organization striving to maintain high levels of service for their critical business applications, but experience shows that “factory” settings- even those based on industry best practices- can lead to over-alerting that is annoying, distracting, and counterproductive. Many overwhelmed IT organizations ignore or even decommission monitoring software because it is just too difficult to tune to their unique environment.

How then, does a IT pro appropriately tailor their monitoring solution in order to reduce false alarms and tune out problems before they affect the operational efficiency of the business?

By filtering out the non-problems and avoiding the hassle of constantly configuring your environment. IT pros work on problems for long amounts of times, therefore, repeated reminders are note only unnecessary, but annoying and distracting. These distractions can lead to human error and a reduction in business productivity. Suppressing these unwanted alerts is not only important, but imperative.

Longitude allows you to suppress notification – again, right from the event monitor – to allow for repair time. If for any reason you decide that an event is not applicable to your environment, you can disable it entirely and should the situation change you can simply re-enable the event.

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