Longitude IT Monitoring Software Enables Large-Scale Monitoring

October 15, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Heroix has recently introduced Longitude for very large-scale IT systems monitoring.  This new release offers greater reporting capabilities for VMware, providing users with important information on a broader range of critical metrics.  Companies that must monitor thousands of servers, network devices and the associated applications can easily leverage Longitude because of its enhanced efficiency and noticeable speed. The lightning fast performance is evident even in the largest data centers. Organizations with significant IT resources can rely on Longitude to scale up to monitor large enterprise environments.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities create a holistic picture of an enterprise’s IT systems, enabling IT to better reduce downtime, meet SLA commitments and save money. For example, comparing historical performance metrics with current conditions, administrators can identify and solve existing issues faster. New reporting and other capabilities that have been added to the Longitude VMware Edition include:

  • VMware knowledge base
  • historical performance reports
  • zombie VM reports
  • additional performance metrics

Longitude VMware Edition’s new summary reports allow users to quickly identify resource depletion issues that span across multiple vCenter instances and their accompanying hosts and VMs, showing CPU, memory, disk, network, file, datastore usage, cluster CPU and memory problems. The additional Zombie reports list VMs whose resource usage (CPU, memory and IO rate) are less than a user configurable threshold. This helps companies reclaim and reuse underutilized resources faster and in a more effective way.

In addition to Longitude’s VMware monitoring capabilities, Longitude also monitors and reports on applications, systems and networks, providing detailed insight into overall IT performance. Longitude is already known for its power, ease-of-use and affordability, and Longitude 8.2 provides significant increases in speed and efficiency.

To learn more about Longitude here.

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