Introducing Longitude V12

December 09, 2019 | Heroix Staff

Longitude V12

Today we are excited to share with you the release of Longitude V12, which marks a major step forward in the evolution and design of our flagship IT Infrastructure and Application monitoring platform. Longitude V12 is immediately available for download

We’ve completely updated Longitude’s web interface with a more modern look and feel. The changes are not merely aesthetic. With the new design, you’ll find that functions are not only much easier to use, but they also greatly enhance Longitude scalability.

A key design element in Longitude V12 is “operational efficiency”.

  • This means keeping Longitude’s web interface lightweight and well-organized.

  • The new design reduces navigation, enabling IT administrators to quickly and easily target what they want to monitor and how they would like Longitude to respond when problems are identified.

  • Deployment is quick no matter the size of the environment.


Navigation has been dramatically simplified. On the left side of the screen you’ll now see the new charcoal-colored navigation bar.

Navigation Longitude V12

Selecting any of the 4 functions from the navigation menu will open it in the main section of the page. The functions are powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

  • Monitoring: Instruct Longitude to monitor your IT Infrastructure and Applications.

  • Events: Display problem events in real-time. Adjust event settings (i.e. set thresholds, notifications, and corrective actions).

  • Dashboards: Shows real-time performance and availability of your IT Infrastructure.

  • Reports: Show historical IT Infrastructure and Application performance. Display problem event history.


Choosing what IT Infrastructure and Application components to monitor is quick and easy.

Below we see how Longitude has already categorized what it is currently monitoring by Application. We can also see that the pull down allows us to quickly and easily control Longitude's IT Infrastructure and Application monitoring behavior.

2. Monitor an Application Longitude V12


Filtering is new to Longitude V12 and is used extensively throughout the new interface. Leveraging Longitude’s filtering capabilities allows IT administrators to tailor the Longitude interface to display and affect what is most important to them.

Monitor and Filter Longitude V12

Above we have applied a filter based on Application, more specifically we have asked Longitude to give us a status of our Oracle monitoring. At the top we see that Longitude recognizes 1 active filter (Oracle), keep in mind we can apply multiple filters; filtering based on any combination of columns and column values. 


Try Longitude 12.0 Live Online Demo!

Access our online demo environment, see how to set up IT monitoring, view dashboards, problem events, reports and alerts.  Please log in using the credentials below:

  • Username:   demo
  • Password:    longitude


Longitude Event Management has been reorganized with 3 tabs for Event Display, Event Thresholds, and Event Actions.

Tab #1. Event Display

4. Event Display Longitude V12

  • Lets IT administrators quickly see problem events as well as performance detail. The event selected above is alerting us of a process using excessive CPU.

  • Each of the columns in the Event Display can be filtered, sorted, and reordered.

  • Changes are “sticky” - user preferences are persistent across logout and then later login. 

Tab #2. Event Thresholds

5. Event Threshold Longitude V12

  • Allows IT administrators to quickly adjust the criteria Longitude uses to trigger events.

  • Event Thresholds are accessible either via a right click of an event or selecting the Thresholds tab outlined in red above.

  • We can filter, sort, and reorder any of the Event Threshold columns. Above we have 1 active filter showing us the thresholds specific to the monitoring of the Windows Operating System only.

The green visual cues allow users to quickly determine when override thresholds and notifications and/or corrective actions have been configured

  1. We see via the tool tip above that any process using more than 15% the CPU on a server named Longitude-Console will result in the generation of a problem event.  This is an override over the default Global value of 30%. Clicking on the Device Overrides icon shows a menu for adjustment:

    6. Event Threshold Specific Longitude V12

  2. The green bell icon under Actions indicates that an Action or set of Actions has been configured in response to the High CPU Processes event triggering. Clicking on the Actions icon shows a menu for configuring additional actions and action settings:

    7. Event Action Specific Longitude V12

Tab #3. Event Actions

8. Event Action Longitude V12

  • Above we see a list of 5 Event Actions that have been configured by an IT administrator to notify and/or initiate commands to fix problems. 

  • Settings can be readily adjusted for an action simply by drilling on the appropriate hyperlink.

  • You can configure multiple actions per event and actions can take the form of multiple notifications based on an escalation policy as well as automated responses to correct or mitigate a problem.


A completely new dashboard provides up to the minute “Top 10’s” for key IT infrastructure metrics.

9. Dashboard Longitude V12

  • The Dashboard is tied to Event Thresholds, visual cues (red and orange) quickly indicate when a key performance indicator has gone awry.

  • The Dashboard also delivers counts for the number of Devices, Hosts, VMs, and Servers being monitored as well as the number unreachable via a ping.

  • A tool tip quickly details the devices currently unavailable.



Reports have been redesigned with a more modern look and feel, they also show the information in a more concise format.

10. Reports Longitude V12

  • Longitude V12 exposes a number of preconfigured reports based on the IT Infrastructure components and Applications configured for monitoring.

  • Graphs can now be saved in PNG format.

  • Report data is exportable for deeper analysis and manipulation.


Longitude differentiates itself from the myriad of IT monitoring technologies with comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring that is easy and affordable. You get power and flexibility without the heavy, complicated user interface and the big price tag. 

Comprehensive IT Monitoring

Easy & Affordable: Try Longitude Today

Try our Live Longitude Demonstration.  Access our online demo environment, see how to set up IT monitoring, view dashboards, problem events, reports and alerts.

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