Insight For SMB Information Technology: Where 2013 Projected Budgets Are Headed

January 16, 2013 | Heroix Staff

A quick update this morning relating to those Information Technology (IT) professionals working in the small to medium sized business (SMB) market. A recent survey completed by SpiceWorks categorized exactly where SMB IT professionals are planning to spend a majority of their budget for 2013. An interesting trend we found at Heroix related to the fact that although budgets may be increasing, on average, up to $10,000 USD more than 2012, annual hiring has decreased. In 2011 31 percent of surveyed IT departments were planning on adding staff, now the organizations adding IT staff average at only 26 percent*. What does this mean for those IT professionals? More work and higher expectations.

With a larger budget, in some cases, this means that organizations will be able to implement different solutions.  From the survey it can be noted that 40 percent* of the project 2013 budget was to be spent on new hardware. This means that those professionals will have to learn how to install, implement and run the hardware, all with less people working side by side. Increasing worker responsibility and therefore, increasing the stress for those professionals. Installing new hardware for an organization will mean that IT team will have to spend time becoming familiar with it, and then training other employees on how to use it (desktop computers, laptop/notebook and tablets topped the charts of the surveyed professionals).

It can than be projected that the day to day tasks of basic “this is broken, fix it” will increase with the increased use of hardware. How then, does one decrease the already increasing stresses for an Information Technology professional? One way can be seen from decreasing the amount of effort required for other types of IT daily tasks. Implementing a solution for monitoring the applications and infrastructure they run on which can be easily configured, utilized and reported on is therefore imperative.

Keeping productivity and working efficiency high is an asset of information technology which cannot be overlooked. We here at Heroix value our IT pros and are grateful every day for what they do, with the limited resources they have. Continue to follow our blog or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter to see what we're doing in our community.

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