Increasing Exposure Inside Information Technology Departments

January 21, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Inside an organization’s information technology (IT) department there can be numerous risks. Hackers, human error, financial miscalculations and organizational flaws can lead to a decrease in productivity and business efficiency. TechTarget recently released an article on Enterprise Risk Management, which brought about a few good points when trying to cope with these risks.

Reducing the overall errors which occur inside an organization is difficult, at first. IT professionals are accustomed to dealing with all forms of complaints including “why won’t the  _____ work?” to “why is the _____ so slow?” One way in which they can reduce the amount of internal messages is by employing the proper solutions ahead of time, becoming proactive instead of reactive.

How can an organization increase exposure and communication within an IT department?

By providing a centralized means for monitoring and managing all aspects of an IT environment, APM solutions enable organizations to gain control over the health of their applications – and their business. With the proper IT support, members constantly have a clear view of what is going on with the performance of their hardware, software, network, and other IT resources.

There are several key features that an APM solution should be providing to its end users. Of particular interest is the product’s ability to present IT performance and operational information from a business perspective using Line of Business Views. Line of Business Views allow organizations to group relevant application, server, and infrastructure components based upon the specific business activities they support. Color-coded icons show exactly which business activities are affected by performance or availability issues, making it much easier for an organization's IT staff to detect, correlate, and correct performance problems before they impact the business. An added feature is that all of this information is accessible remotely and securely via the Web.

By enacting an APM solution that holds these features and many more listed on the TechTarget article, business efficiency is sure to increase.

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