How VMware Can Help Simplify Healthcare Information Technology

March 01, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Yesterday VMware released their latest offering: vCloud® for Healthcare. This comprehensive cloud computing platform will allow the information technology (IT) environment inside the healthcare industry to quickly and efficiently share information. This new solutions offering will allow IT resources to be utilized more effectively, as IT monitoring will begin it's migration over to a centrally based location. From this single location, with the help of VMware, IT professionals will be able to manage, support and maintain their environments quickly and easily.

Why is it important that healthcare information technology (HIT) organizations utilized a “cloud solution?” Simply put, to increase their productivity. When dealing with the healthcare industry, an increase in productivity means an increase in patient treatment, as organization will not have to deal with the reduction in time associated with IT snafus. In fact, a recent article released by VMware showed how ColumbiaMemorial was able to utilized VMware View to manage all of their IT systems without the need to visit each individual site. When IT departments are understaffed and under a deadline to accomplish their set goals, this is imperative.

Columbia Memorial hospital has 25 separate locations across New York, and when an application needed to be released for the physician to view, bandwidth speed would greatly decrease. On top of bandwidth speed reduction, the IT managers would have to visit the remote locations and install the applications on every individual computer or machine. “We can roll out any application we want to the virtual desktops just by updating the master desktop image,” says Michael LaForge, network administrator at Columbia Memorial. “That’s a far cry from having to physically visit the remote locations to install the application.”

With the addition of VMware, Columbia Memorial was able to reduce bandwidth requirements by 66 percent.  “The VMware View PCoIP technology is just fantastic,” says LaForge. “When we switched from RDP protocol to PCoIP, we saw a two-thirds drop in traffic on our network. As a result, we were able to increase the number of devices out in our clinics while actually decreasing the bandwidth required. That’s great news for doctors who need to work with large image files or real-time biofeedback data.”

Such advancements inside the information technology department allow for great improvements in productivity and efficiency. These advancements do stem one question, with all the new technology, how does on ensure that VMware will properly run day in and day out? What happens if an IT admin would want to see how a combination of factors affecting VMs, hosts, resources pools and data stores affect their infrastructure? CPU capacity, memory, disk, workloads and more need to be monitored day in and day out, especially inside HIT.

Longitude now has a novel, easy-to-use drag and drop facility that helps virtualization or system administrators make instant decisions about optimal deployment of virtual machine (VM) resources. Other monitoring or planning software typically requires multiple, manual steps that use valuable IT staff time or require several different software modules to perform a single assessment of the virtual environment. If a potential problem is flagged during monitoring, the user can quickly run a report showing current conditions, and then, just as fast, perform a "What if" scenario to see how service could be improved.



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