How The SMB Market Can Utilize VMware

March 04, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Spiceworks released the MarketView survey titled “State of SMB IT” back in April of 2012. In this survey, Spiceworks found that 77 percent of SMBs are either using or planning to use virtualization software by the second half of 2012, and that of those who have already virtualized, more than 75 percent have chosen VMware vSphere as their virtualization solution. We at Heroix, a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, found this particularity interesting.

Why have approximately 75 % of virtualized small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) utilized VMware as their hypervisor? One of the most common themes we find here either through primary research or questions coming into our info email stems from the selection of the best possible hypervisor. VMware allows an information technology (IT) professional who has a hosts of tasks to complete on a daily basis to quickly and easily implement a solution that can best resolve business related issues. These IT pros may have to evaluate desktop virtualization infrastructures (VDIs), understand user profiles and architect storage as well as network and server support.

Understanding the many issues related with IT start the complex process of selecting the proper Hypervisor. VMware has recently integrated a unique feature, VMware vSphere® 5.1 solutions to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) simplify and protect IT with industry-leading virtualization, business continuity and automated management.

The challenge in front of SMB IT departments is a complex one:  The continual assurance of the assurance of optimal response time, availability & performance of mission critical applications, systems (virtualized/physical) & networks all with limited time and money. As VMware continually proves itself to be one of the most easy to use, widely recognized solutions for the SMB IT space a question arises:

While the technology to continually ensure 24/7 uptime from a Hypervisor exists, what will ensure the hypervisor itself is being utilized in the best possible way?

A few challenges related to the utilizing of VMware can be found when upgrading hypervisors, switching over physical machines to virtualized ones or planning for an increase in a virtual environment. Virtual machine (VM) sprawl, overprovisioning, and excess use of resources are among the common ones we hear about. VMware users are used to making quick, agile decisions in order to keep their organization running smoothly. Therefore, the ability to make decisions about creating or retiring VMs, or redeploying them quickly to maintain high service levels is critical.

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