Critical Applications: 3 Reasons Why They Should Be Viewed From A Single Console

January 15, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Organizations are reliant on Information Technology (IT) systems to help their employees do their work efficiently. Without efficient employees a competitive edge can be lost, the ability to quickly and easily change or alter a business model to jump ahead of the competition can stop with a bogged down IT department as well. When an IT department is slowed down, everyone suffers. One way organizations become tied up however, can rely around the different types of monitoring they are using in unison...

Business groups rely on reduced system downtime and faster response time to do their job, simply put. Therefore, application performance monitoring (APM) is a critical piece for most Information Technology (IT) departments. Multiple monitoring tools have the ability to look at a network, application or server itself, all of which can take up valuable time learning to use the associate, separate, tools.

Having a solution that grants the ability to see critical applications, all from one centralized location gives everyone inside an organization a great benefit. Three examples can be seen below:

  • The executive wants to know that the IT system is running efficiently and SLAs are being met, so that product or service development, production, and sales are at their optimum levels.
  • Business users want to know that his/her own environment is running properly. If a problem occurs, s/he wants to be able to know if it is local to his/her desk or a more widespread departmental or building-wide issue that IT will resolve.
  • The IT staffer needs the most information about performance, in order to pinpoint problem areas and resolve them quickly; s/he needs detailed performance reports that show the depth and breadth of the IT system and its operations.

The importance therefore, of having the ability to show all components of your entire IT infrastructure from one console is immeasurable. No one wants to move from one screen or application to another to get a total view of the environment, no matter what their need for information may be. Longitude is a powerful, easy-to-use central console that allows individuals at all levels and in all areas of the organization to view events and diagnose issues throughout the entire computing environment.

With a monitoring solution that gets the right information to the right people, the company can gain productivity and efficiency. How then one does: monitor the services of their applications to make sure they are running, have the ability to product reports for their managers to show resource usage, monitor the infrastructure so admins know about issues before the users do and have the ability to see the health of their mission critical applications all in one place? Check out or shoot us an email to find out.


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