Cloud outage affects 60% of surveyed developers,* APM can help

February 06, 2013 | Susan Bilder

Recently APM Digest released a study which summarized the findings of 300 application developers*, which found that “nearly 60 percent of the participants had been affected by a cloud outage.”* Cloud outages aren't anything new in fact; most of those people who utilize the cloud have had a recent experience with cloud outages. The eastern region of the United States experienced an outage of Amazon’s Web Service not too long ago, which left customers unable to access their pertinent information.

How then does this tie into organization which have Information Technology (IT) departments utilizing the cloud? Boundary, the organization that conducted the study, said that around 67 percent* of the companies surveyed host mission critical applications in the public cloud. Therefore, their services were left inaccessible. By no means does this mean there are issues with the cloud environment should scare away potential users. The chance of outages means that IT professionals should utilize and application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

This APM solution should be able to effectively and efficiently monitor all components of the application and supporting infrastructure. The best way to ensure that a cloud environment will continually be running relies on the fact that the systems, networks and complete underlying components need to have their issues located and resolved, quickly. How does one accomplish such a task, especially when there are different types of cloud environments out there today?

Enacting a corrective action solution which allows the end user to monitor and assess the performance of anything from a single physical or virtual entity, to a multi-tiered application or business service that spans physical, virtual and cloud environments. Organizations are adopting virtualization and cloud computing for a variety of reasons, including: more cost-effective hardware utilization, reduced power consumption, simpler disaster recovery, and faster, more flexible provisioning. While this trend holds great promise, it also leaves many IT organizations scrambling to ensure – and document – that end users continue to receive the expected levels of service from critical applications once they have “gone virtual” or “moved into the cloud.”

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*APM Digest


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