How C-level executives and Information Technology Can Work Together

April 15, 2013 | Heroix Staff

It used to be that IT was considered to be a separate entity from the rest of the business.  The “tech guys” had offices that were isolated from everyone else in the office and it wasn’t uncommon to see them wearing jeans and t-shirts on a daily basis.  After all, they never had to directly interact with clients or customers and usually didn’t even need to interact with anyone else inside the office.  In some cases, IT work was outsourced and IT workers only came to the office when it was essential.  In contrast, the C-suite executives wore suits and ties and had prominent front offices.  They were the face of the company and didn’t pay too much attention to the technical goings on in the organization.  The IT department focused on IT and the C-suite executives focused on everything else, primarily on growing the business.  Unless there was an issue that disrupted their day, IT was the last thing on the minds of the C-suite.

However, as technology has become more advanced and the roles of the IT staff have become much more complex it’s essential that IT span across an entire organization beyond just the IT staff.  Technology is what keeps a business operating.  While this is nothing new (how would they survive in the 60’s without working typewriters and phones?) IT continues to become more integrated into the daily routines of all employees.

The quality of the information technology infrastructure of an organization and how well it is understood by those that are using it correlates with the success of the organization.  If executed and used properly IT products and services reduce human error and operational costs and enhance communication allowing employees to do business with anyone at any time thus increasing productivity.  IT components allow an organization to become cost efficient and meet the demands of consumers.

As IT has become more interwoven with all other activities within an organization and businesses become more reliant on a comprehensive IT infrastructure, the C-level and the IT Department need to speak the same language.  The C-suite needs to lead by example.  When a new technology is employed that will improve the bottom line the C-suite needs to learn it and use it.  If the C-level avoids it and gets stuck in their old ways, everyone else will do the same.

Due to the growing reliance on the IT infrastructure within an organization there is a need to effectively monitor that IT infrastructure.  An application performance monitoring solution improves the bottom line, which pleases the C-suite.  APM is critical when it comes to reducing downtime.  Within an organization, even seconds can be critical.  Application performance monitoring software detects and diagnoses application performance problems so that they can be fixed quickly and accurately.  Today’s APM solutions don’t require an IT background in order to monitor resources, which allow C-suite executives to keep an eye on more than the “front-office” business.

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