How Application Performance Monitoring Can Help Application Complexity

April 22, 2013 | Heroix Staff

As the technology that is used by a business continues to play a larger role in the success of that business, IT infrastructure monitoring has become crucial.  Businesses rely on the applications that are running on the network.  As technology advances, the applications become much more sophisticated and complex and feature a mixture of technologies and platforms that each have specialized functions and management tools.

The growing complexity of today’s applications has created multiple challenges for those that are responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure of a business.  Application performance monitoring is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.  Applications running on a network are essentially what keep a business up and running, day in and day out.  Organizations can no longer pick and choose what applications are worthy of monitoring because all applications need to be monitored.  An application performance monitoring solution works to keep applications running efficiently at all times.  Down time can be devastating to a business.  By isolating the root cause of a problem, the APM solution allows for a faster recovery time which in today’s competitive business landscape is everything.

Here are 3 important ways in which application performance monitoring can help solve the challenges caused by application complexity:

Reduce visibility gaps between platforms

Applications are no longer simply made up of a web server and database.  The application infrastructure components of today alter transaction paths and the layout of applications on an ongoing basis.  This can make it difficult, even for the most experienced IT professional, to understand the architecture of the IT environment and how applications, transactions, and the overall infrastructure work together.  This means that there is a resulting visibility gap since an expert is needed for each platform in order to determine what exactly is going on.  An application performance monitoring solution can help to reduce this visibility gap between platforms.

Support rapid changes in an infrastructure

Traditional methods of managing an IT infrastructure are no longer relevant, as the changes have now become so rapid.  The quick change in technologies means that an effective way of seeing information is required.  A modern application performance monitoring solution is able to see all of the moving parts and the new technologies and can determine if an issue has occurred.

Support multiple tools across applications

Applications today are complicated, specifically enterprise applications, and often consist of many different component types.  An application performance monitoring solution needs to address any kind of application problem, including those that originate outside of the application code.  It will identify and address the source of any kind of application failure so that the issue can be resolved without affecting end users.

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