Trends Affecting APM

April 17, 2013 | Heroix Staff

An application performance monitoring solution will track the performance and availability of software applications and detect and diagnose a problem before end users, whether it be customers or employees, are impacted.  As the IT infrastructure of an organization becomes more complex and business success becomes more reliant on the applications that are running, APM becomes increasingly necessary.

Here are 4 trends affecting APM today:

Hybrid cloud virtualization

There are generally two terms when it comes to cloud computing: public or private.  Both have pros and cons.  Public cloud storage is preferred due to its simplicity and the typical cost savings associated with it.  Private cloud storage, while more expensive, is touted for its privacy and security.  Many businesses today are opting for a third option, hybrid cloud virtualization.  Hybrid cloud virtualization means that both the public and a private cloud are being used.  For example, an organization may use a private cloud for data that needs to remain secure such as the personal information of customers and use a public cloud service for all other data.  APM allows you to monitor and assess the performance of business services that span virtual and cloud environments.

Rising IT support & renewal contract costs

Organizations that are still taking a reactive approach to IT performance issues are seeing that outage and response time result in high support costs and potential loss of customers and loss of revenue.  Too much time spent on resolving issues takes time away from other important business initiatives.  This justifies the investment in an APM solution that will quickly detect and isolate the root cause of the problem.  Organizations need to think, “What does it cost us when our most business-critical application is down?”  The cost of an APM solution is preferred over the ongoing maintenance costs that include unexpected expenses.

C-level executive satisfaction

As technology becomes more complex and more integral to the success of an organization, the C-suite has become more involved in the IT infrastructure.  Slow response to performance problems results in dissatisfaction from the C-suite which has become more receptive to the cost of an APM solution and is now able to see its ROI.

Increasing complexity of applications

The number of mission critical applications and the complexity of those applications continue to increase as technology advances.  End users have come to expect a certain level of service that needs to be consistently met.  As applications become more complex, so too does trying to resolve an issue that may occur.  An APM solution provides value for its quick insight into application performance.

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