Tips for Selecting Agentless IT Monitoring to Meet User Expectations

March 16, 2016 | Heroix Staff

Organizations of every size need to monitor their IT infrastructure, however many don’t have the budget or the staff to devote to the job.  Agentless IT monitoring is an alternative to the costly high end monitoring solutions.  However, not all agentless IT monitoring solutions are the same and it’s necessary to select the solution that will be able to provide the functionality that is needed.

Here are 7 tips for selecting agentless monitoring that will meet user expectations:

1. Consider comprehensive agentless monitoring

Agentless monitoring means that you don’t have to install software agents on the systems that you are monitoring resulting in simplicity and savings due to faster deployment, lower software license fees, and streamlined operation.  Initially this also meant limited capabilities, but agentless monitoring has been taken to a higher level.  It’s possible today to find an agentless monitoring and reporting product that combines affordable agentless monitoring with strengths once provided exclusively by more expensive agent-based software

2. Make multiplatform a must

Multiplatform coverage is now available in some packages and should be included on your checklist as well as the ability to specify and track a range of user and business metrics, including transactions and service level agreements (SLAs).  The idea is to have consistent capabilities across the platforms you are monitoring.

3. Make rapid deployment a priority

Agent-based application and system monitoring can take days, weeks, or months to implement.  A full-featured agentless solution can be installed and in production in less than a day – or even less than an hour.

4. Monitor proactively

In order to be proactive, you need a view into the health of your systems and applications from a real-time perspective in addition to trend and historical reporting.  The selected agentless IT monitoring solution should be able to present in-depth information in a concise, organized, graphical style.

5. Stop false alarms

If an event is preceded by too many false alarms it can go ignored.  To stop false alarms you need to tune thresholds that trigger alerts and alarms to be sure they are meaningful in context of the particular system or application.

6. Save with a self-maintaining solution

The agentless IT monitoring solution should be capable of performing its own internal maintenance and database administration on a day-to-day basis.  Without needing anyone on your team to perform ongoing maintenance, the time saved can be spent on goals that are important to your business.

7. Reduce the burden of proving SLA performance

You need to document that service level agreements are being fulfilled.  Select an agentless monitoring solution that integrates the required reporting and graphing to avoid developing reports and graphs from scratch which allows you to produce documentation quickly and easily whenever your organization requires it.

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