3 Helpful Hints For The SMB Information Technology Department

February 07, 2013 | Heroix Staff

The small to medium sized business (SMB) can have a few great advantages over the larger enterprises  especially inside their Information Technology (IT) departments. One great advantage being that due to the size of the organization, generally no larger than 250 employees, the department can have the ability to more agile and adaptive.  What does this mean for the IT pros inside these agile companies? They hold the ability to test out new technologies and even get them up and running, without becoming bogged down with bureaucratic lines.

Staying ahead of the curve, especially when dealing with technology, is imperative for a turn-on-a-dime company. Without the ability to enable the latest and greatest hardware, software and applications for their company, IT managers can constantly find themselves spending a majority of their time being more reactive than proactive. By keeping current with available technologies, only positive results will ensue for those SMB IT departments. Below are a few helpful hints TechTarget  laid out for the IT pro:

1) Back up correlated data on virtual infrastructures: “SMB backup strategies will differ from those at enterprises, and that isn't a bad thing. There are a lot of procedures and scenarios to play out, but the backup tools and strategies that work for small business virtualization” are critical.

2) Small budgets aren’t terrible: Even though an SMB IT department may have some budgetary constraints, there is still an incredible selection of products to help ease the IT pros issues.

3) Adopt the cloud: Cloud computing, a generalized term, allows IT services to be converted simply and efficiency for end users. The smaller organizations that are agile and need to be quickly adaptable, which is exactly what a cloud environment allows.

One thing that the IT world can be sure of is that the room for growth with VMware is immense, especially for the SMB market. In fact, experienced professionals conclude VMware for the small business (SMB) market will only grow in 2013.

What does this mean for those organizations, falling into the “standard” of an SMB company with up to 250 employees? Virtualization is the way of the future, now the biggest decision is which hypervisor is going to be utilized and how the professional in charge of the virtualized environment will monitor that newly virtualized system.


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