3 Areas Information Technology Will Evolve

January 22, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Recently an article was released by Global Knowledge titled “IT Roles Facing Extinction.”  This article started off by explaining the previous roles of information technology (IT) pros, and how they were perceived to be a “support service that responds to, instead of enacts, innovative change.” Listed below are three areas that will become an integral aspect of an IT-er’s world:

Client Facing Roles: Global Knowledge states that IT will become a “business-enabling” position which will need to be refocused on more outward-roles. “IT will become a multi-pronged enabler for clients as well as an active agent for marshalling the power of technological innovation toward increasing a company's ROI to gain a competitive advantage. In this regard, business-facing expertise and skills will be on equal footing with tech-based knowledge.”


Constant Consolidation: There are areas inside of IT which will grow, one area we have seen and consistently write on focuses around virtualization. Consolidating events into one, readable format for rely to management, end users or anyone else inside the organization is critical. This trend will continue to develop no matter what area an IT pro works.

Analytics:  The ability for an organization to capitalize on its productivity and efficiency will focus on the ability for data to be understood, and replicated in a way for management to understand. Therefore, a level of analysis from the IT pros will be required on a day to day basis. The analytical aspect of IT will also link to the communication aspect:  “The ability to blend the unstructured (big data) with the structured (business interests) represents a unique skill set that illustrates that convergence of abilities that will be in greater demand.”

What can we learn from the information listed above? That IT roles will continue to develop and grow therefore, the day to day life of an IT pro will forever become more complicated. With the increase in responsibility an IT pro must be able to solve the datacenter issues, program new lines of code and involve themselves with client facing roles all while utilizing their formal education to do the basics of assigned tasks.

Increasing the responsibility is both a blessing and a curse for those involved with IT. One way to decrease the amount of resources which can tie of labor hours, financial backing and managerial time? Utilize the most appropriate APM and IT monitoring solution for the organization. Want to learn what we are doing here at Heroix? Contact a team member today.

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