3 Advantages For SMB IT Departments

January 17, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Technology is continually evolving and re-defining itself, especially when dealing with enterprise-wide information technology. The small to medium size businesses (SMB) are undergoing an increase in their information technology infrastructures. This can be correlated, in part, to the amount of data being transferred and stored.  The changes can be categorized into either an increase in physical servers themselves or an increase in the virtualization efforts. What does this mean for the IT pros working to keep the infrastructures running smoothly and efficiently? At the first glance, an increase in requests.

The requests an Information Technology (IT) department received in 2012, won’t change too drastically in 2013. Many of the same issues such as lag time, application inefficiency and simply “broken” IT issues will arise. One of the largest, boomerang issues that will strike IT can be seen in the form of virtualization. An interesting IDC statistic from 2012 stated that the SMB market was moving toward virtualization: “According to AMI Partners, 84 percent of small businesses consider server virtualization a “very important” strategic IT issue.” The report went on to explain for small businesses are increasing physical servers and midsize businesses aren't…

What does this mean for those involved with IT one way or another?

The three largest advantages medium-sized businesses are gaining by virtualizing can be seen below:

  • Economic Savings: Reducing the total number of physical servers reduces power consumption, reduces the amount of physical hardware and the annual associated costs with maintenance.
  • Quality of Service: As organizations in the SMB market expand their IT departments with different solutions such as business operations programs and DR, the need to continually maintain these mission critical applications arise. By virtualizing their environments, the ability to monitor, maintain and increase productivity and efficiency becomes much easier when everything is centralized and accessible through one machine.
  • Strategic Agility:  Having the ability to increase the work completed inside IT and therefore, the entire organization, as well as increased savings which can allocate funds elsewhere leads to an improved business model. This can lead to a dynamic, strategic and competitive company.

While there is a continual basis of objections for the SMB space, in terms of adopting virtualization, the pros far outweigh the cons. How then, does an SMB which is capitalizing on virtualization in order to keep efficiencies and productivity at an all time high, keep the virtualized environment itself at an all time high? Continue reading our articles on virtualization, or shoot us an email at

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