3 Acronyms SMB IT Departments Should Know

January 18, 2013 | Heroix Staff

Information Technology (IT) is about increasing efficiency, productivity and business response time. Increasing the response time of a database, for an organization employing thousands of people, can mean the difference in beating out the competition and getting to market quickly or being stuck in a slow, stagnant data flow. IT pros have utilized and implemented countless ways to increase efficiency, including but not limited to: writing new lines of code in order to create new applications, enacting the latest and greatest technological feats such as enterprise-wide virtualization to increase the agility and stability of a system, defining structure project and implementation guidelines for organizations across all verticals.

With all of the technological accomplishments going on daily for IT, a simple way of saving time has taken to hear. Acronyms. KUIDE, EBCAK, PEBKAC, ID10T, APM, etc. These all have important meanings, which can quickly be correlated to action items inside IT.

BTM: Business Transaction Management: Playing an important role in ensuring a positive end-user experience. BTMs provide tools for tracking the flow of transactions across IT infrastructures. They detect, alert and correct unexpected changes in business or technical conditions.

SLA: Service Level Agreement. Part of a service contract, where a service is formally defined. Internet service providers will commonly include service level agreements within the terms of their contracts with customers to define the level(s) of service being sold in plain language terms.

APM: Application Performance Management. The form of systems management that focuses on ensuring optimal response time the availability and performance of mission critical applications and the systems they operate on.

Recently the CIO Tech Report released a document explaining how “a comprehensive APM system offers tangible and measurable benefits.” The article continued, saying how the result of such a system creates an “agile environment-and a new application life-cycle paradigm…. Allow[ing] an enterprise to break down silos and bridge IT islands.” Breaking down the silos of IT is crucial for peak organizational efficiency. Without it there will always been a barrier between management and the employees, which creates an unhappy work environment.  Keeping employees happy keeps management happy, business progresses and the future looks bright for organizations. Acronyms can help reduce business operational inefficiencies, a benefit for everyone.

Are there other acronyms out there that the SMB IT pros would like us to know? Let us know at Feel write to write in our comments section as well, communication is key inside this industry.



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