Update: What You Should Know About IT in 2012

September 21, 2012 | Heroix Staff

Innovation and ingenuity is something that the technology business is focused on. Every few months there is a release of the newer, faster, sleeker model from past releases. There is the faster operating system, smaller phone case, the more capable camera, etc. When discussing Information Technology infrastructures, no exception is created either. Every few months an organization will come out and say their new data center­­     ,allows a faster installation of        ,with limited time and resources needed.

Truth be told there are few instances when that is actually 100% true. The fastest, easiest, most hands-off way of increasing the speed at which software is available to the end user comes from something which has been a focal point of our discussions, Virtualization. By virtualizing an IT infrastructure or environment a host of solutions arise. The speed at which an organization is able to update messaging servers or perhaps application servers, all from one convenient location is unrivaled. Businesses small and large are growing their IT infrastructures due to the amount of data they store and now create*. While these infrastructures are increasing, the need for them to operate smoothly and more efficiently also grows.

-Cloud computing is increasing. This means organizations of all sizes are now implementing a private or public cloud solution in order to actively share information at a faster rate (Small Business Computing).

-Virtual appliances are becoming more prevalent. A recent article released by Small Business Computing stated that due to the economic savings, quality of service and strategic agility* more and more organizations are applying a virtualized solution. In fact, “Economic savings are achieved by solving the issue of physical server sprawl and cutting the capital expenses that go with buying and maintaining a room full of x86 servers. The quality of service is better because the increased uptime of virtualization helps businesses deliver more consistent service to users. The increased quality, better resiliency and process automation combine to deliver strategic agility to companies that are virtualizing.”*

- There still are education barriers when it comes to virtualization*. There are still learning curves associated with implementing a virtualized environment which can be slightly intimidating to those organizations who do not have experience with virtualization at all.  How then, does one get over this barrier without paying for expensive consultations or evaluations? Communication with the IT community of course!

What we are really trying to do today is get the conversation flowing. Who wants to share information on the best practices toward virtualization. Who has issues that perhaps the big organizations have over looked in their whitepapers? Let us know.

Stay tuned for more information on virtualization trends in 2012.

*Small Business Computing


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